NanoTherm Nanoparticles

Our iron oxide nanoparticles have an aminosilane coating. Following direct injection of the colloidal liquid into the tissue, the special coating causes the nanoparticles to aggregate and stay in place, making repeated treatments possible.

Injection of NanoTherm Nanoparticles

In a procedure similar to a biopsy, nanoparticles are injected and distributed within tumor.

NanoPlan® Therapy Planning Software

Prior to patient treatment, three-dimensional computer imaging is used to simulate the temperature increase within the tumor.

NanoActivator® Magnetic Field Applicator

An alternating magnetic field that changes its polarity 100,000 times per second activates the nanoparticles and electromagnetic energy is transformed into heat.

MagForce AG is a pioneer in the area of nanotechnology-based cancer treatment. It is the first company in the world to receive European approval for a medical product using nanoparticles. In Germany, this innovative therapy is available to patients at the NanoTherm™ therapy centers at the Charité-Universitätsmedizin hospital in Berlin, and the university hospitals Münster, Kiel, Cologne and Frankfurt. Additional therapy centers in Germany are planned for 2015.


In March 2014, MagForce AG has incorporated an US affiliate, MagForce USA Inc., based in Nevada to develop NanoTherm™ therapy for the treatment of glioblastoma and prostate cancer in the US and later to introduce it to the US market.

NanoTherm therapy is based on injecting iron oxide nanoparticles directly into the tumor at the start of treatment, in a procedure similar to performing a biopsy. The patient is then placed in the NanoActivator®, a machine that produces an alternating magnetic field. While safe for human beings, this high-frequency magnetic field causes the nanoparticles to oscillate, generating heat directly within the tumor tissue. Depending on the temperature reached and the duration of treatment, the tumor cells are either destroyed directly or sensitized for additional chemotherapy or radiation treatment.