The glioblastoma study MF1001 has started in March 2014 and currently patients are enrolled. In this chapter you find information on the process, study design an answers to frequently asked questions. NanoActivator® devices are installed in Berlin, Münster, Frankfurt, Cologne and Kiel, study centers without own device are established in Düsseldorf and Giessen. The new glioblastoma study is headed up by Prof. Dr. Stummer.

Depending on the treating physician's decision, patients with brain tumor could also be treated outside of clinical study, as the therapy is already certified for the EU 28.

In the Department of Neurosurgery at Münster University Hospital, headed by Prof. Dr. Walter Stummer, commercial treatment was restarted in February 2015, for the first time with a US patient, who traveled to Germany especially to benefit from the NanoTherm® therapy approach. Meanwhile, commercial NanoTherm™ treatments have been performed at four of the NanoActivator® clinics, providing an opportunity for the medical staff to determine the optimum medical application of NanoTherm® for the treatment of brain tumors. NanoTherm® therapy has CE certifications for the treatment of all brain cancers in contrast to the post-marketing study, which focuses on recurrent glioblastoma, a single and highly malignant form of brain tumor.

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